Food Recall – Find out if your local supermarket was affected

By: Tray Robinson

Several claims against our products have flooded in recently, with reports ranging from mild sickness to Salmonella. In response to such an important and critical issue, we have ordered an immediate recall of all our products from every supermarket in the ADA County area. The list of reported affected supermarkets are currently: Walmart, Winco, Walgreens, Fred Meyers, Target, and Shopko.

We are using every method to trace the source of the contamination, and will take every and all actions to eliminate all exposed product. Reproduction of our product will not recommence until the entire production site has been sterilized and inspected by multiple experts. Disciplinary and legal actions will be filled against all associates found guilty of negligence to our codes of safety in food handling.

To all those that have been affected, we offer our deepest concerns and apologies. Measures have already gone into motion to reimburse all that have been affected for their medical bills. We only ask that the affected parties provide evidence in form of a doctor’s note. In addition, we will be offering complimentary coupons, with values up to $25, once this issue has been resolved.

As it currently stands, we are doing our best to spread the news of the recall to all: news stations, news papers, social networking sites, and stores; in efforts to maintain the public’s safety and well being. As soon as this issue has been resolved, our CEO will be making a personal announcement, and host a press conference. It is our hopes to have this issue resolved within the next month.

More updates to come.


KBOI Former Employee Files Sexual Harassment Suit

By: Goldie Johnson

An ex-employee of KBOI news has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against the station’s manager.

This employee, Karen Haggle, was recently let go on Tuesday for reasons that KBOI did not share with us. On Wednesday she filed a sexual harassment against the station’s manager, Richard Harrison. In the lawsuit she claims he made multiple advances on her while they were alone in the studio after hours. She claims to have refused, but that he grabbed her breast once. She also claims that she did not speak up earlier because she was afraid it would hurt her career. Now that she is no longer working for the company, she feels she must come forward in order to protect the other women working there and the women hired in the future.

KBOI and it’s employees have claimed they have had no idea that anything was wrong. Richard Harrison has been suspended while an investigation is being conducted. KBOI takes this very seriously and they take the safety of their employees very seriously. They have issued a statement “We here at KBOI are taking action. We want to ensure a safe working environment for all of our employees, male and female alike.”


This press release will be sent out through multiple online news places, mainly local ones. People in New York don’t normally care about what’s going on in Idaho, so big news distributors won’t want to take this story. So places like the Idaho Statesman might take it. And it could get spread over social news sites like Facebook and Twitter. I picked the sexual harassment case because of the multiple sexual assault cases that I’ve seen in the media lately. The Harvey Weinstein case has been all over the news, but there was also one about an internet creator, Andy Signore. He was fired from Defy Media recently for sexual assault charges.

Water Quality Concerns at Quinn’s Pond Confronted

By: Jamie Asson

It has come to our attention that citizens of Boise Idaho are concerned about the water quality at Quinn’s Pond. A negative report was released by a popular environmentalist group, but rest assured, you are safe. Due to a recent scare with the E. coli bacteria in the water, The City of Boise has been testing water quality daily to ensure that water quality meets state standards. The safety of our citizens is our highest priority, and we will do everything to ensure that our water is safe for human activity.

Due to previous encounters with E. coli in Quinn’s Pond, we conducted DNA tests on the water and discovered that a big part in the bacteria’s rapid growth was due to feline and goose feces, because of this we are enforcing a strict no dog/pet policy. We also strongly advise participants to restrain from feeding the wildlife in and around the pond. These rules will be strongly enforced on a daily basis until further notice in order to keep you safe.

We will continue to conduct daily tests on the water quality to ensure your safety. Every test conducted will be released to the public via The City of Boise website and our various social media sites. We treasure the public’s safety and support, and understand your concerns. Rest assured, the water quality at Quinn’s Pond is currently safe and we thank the communities’ cooperation with our new no pet policies.



Don’t go Sneakin’ into Suds

It has been brought to our attention that one of our student athletes was found to be drinking illegally. The 18-year-old Boise State football player was let into a local bar with the use of a fake ID. However, once the bartender realized that the ID was fake, the police were notified. The student was charged with minor in consumption and will be handling those charges without the involvement of Boise State.

Boise State University does not condone underage drinking, nor does it provide special treatment towards athletes. The university will in no way, shape, or form treat this with any less severity than they would for any other non-student athlete. With that being said, there will also be consequences specifically pertaining to the fact that he is a part of the Boise State Athletic Program. In addition to the legal consequences of his actions, Boise State coaching staff has decided to suspend him immediately for the rest of the season –both from games and practice.

It is important that Boise State holds their athletes to a high standard of conduct. As with any student, under-age drinking is unsafe and unacceptable in our community. Let this be an example to others considering drinking illegally. It will not be tolerated. This stance has been taken both in the past and present with the intent of continuing this strict enforcement of the rules.

From now on, Boise State wishes to handle this situation internally and hopes that the Boise community will respect that.

Keeping Your Food Safe

By Megan Schuessler

On Tuesday October 17 Salmonella bacteria was discovered in organic chicken that is stocked in the Boise Co-Op after receiving several complaints from customers. Based on the complaints, the Boise Co-Op decided to conduct tests of their own after pulling all of the suspected food items off of the shelves. They then disposed of the contaminated chicken.

On behalf of the Boise Co-Op, we would like to inform the loyal members of the public that their health is our number one concern and that under no circumstances did we intend to cause any harm to our customers. As a company, we hope to deliver the most high quality food products that we can. In the future, we plan to monitor the products that are being delivered to us. We also plan to change our quality standards in order to ensure the health and safety of each and every one of our customers.

Our goal as a company is to deliver the highest quality food products possible to our customers and in order to do this, we are handling this internally with several of our distributors for chicken products. Unfortunately, this has happened previously in 2015 and we will take full responsibility for both of these cases. This is why we will take the necessary steps to prevent this from happening in the future.

What may need to happen is a potential change in distributors of chicken products and/or a change at the level of the distributors themselves. Either way, this issue is being taken up with the correct company officials.


Aw, you guys made me sick!

In the case of the Boise Co-op and their contaminated foods, The first is to make an announcement to the public, and call for recalls on contaminated food. Adding in a statement from the Boise Co-op saying they are working to provide foods that are not contaminated and that the safety and health of their customer is their main concern. This is to make sure the public is staying safe, and informed on what is happening, as this is not something that can be ignore. Next is to identify all the specific food that are making people sick, thus pulling the items from shelves. Additionally, finding any other foods that potentially could be contaminated with Salmonella. From there, identifying the distributor who provided the infected products and switch to a different distributer, as well as performing more thoroughly checks on food before they are placed on shelves.

A similar situation happened with Chipotle in 2015 when Salmonella was found in their meat. Chipotle has always marketed themselves as a healthy, fresh company that takes pride in the food they serve in their restaurants. Chipotle now has a page dedicated to their goals and steps towards healthy and safe food distribution. Everything from tracking the food as it travels to its destination to ensure it’s quality state, to even requiring all managers to have a food safety certificate. This is an excellent example of how past their campaign to fix the initial contamination problem when it happened, and upholding their 23 year promise to stay dedicated to keeping their customers healthy as they strive to provide fresh products.

Press Release – Boise State Athlete Busted for Underage Drinking

By Laura Buck

A Boise State football player was just busted for underage drinking. Keeping the details brief, the 20 year old went out last Saturday night, October 14th, with some other teammates after the team victory. Much like the case a few years back BSU QB gets caught underage drinking, this player was allowed into the bar, he was picked up by police shortly after leaving.

On behalf of Boise State University and the Athletic program, we would like to let the public know that this is no prohibited and not okay. Although the football team is an extremely special aspect of the University, team members are not treated unlike any other everyday citizen and will face consequences for their poor choices in actions. It is smart to not underage drink period, and this goes for all students under 21 at not only the university, but in Boise period. All will have to face ramifications for their actions.

This matter is being handled internally within the program. Although this member was arrested, he was released early the next morning. The consequences will go above what an everyday citizen might face due to the fact he is a member of this Athletic Program, and we do not take these things lightly. Immediate suspension from practice and games will take place on top of whatever punishment he will be receiving from law enforcement.

Overall, it is smart to not consume alcohol under the age limit. This is an extremely unfortunate case, but can be used as an example of what not to do after seeing the consequences he will face.