Final Thoughts

By Matthew Crane

My final thoughts on Intro to Media? Media is a complicated, wide, influential, collection of outlets that control the way we think, act, and buy without even knowing it. Something that seems so simple, like the TV we watch, the radio we listen to, and the movies we see; they all have long diverse histories that have shaped the way we view our world. Media conglomerates and their subsidiaries have such control over our democracy and the rest of the world. It is our responsibility to keep these organizations in check and make sure that their power remains under the government and open to regulation, when necessary.

The biggest change in media, recently, has been the introduction of social media. It has changed the way we communicate, the way we process information, and the way we interact with society. After studying it, I have begun to understand the business of it more than I ever have before. Because of it, my social media usage has already begun to drop. My willingness to give everything about me away, has made me realize that it is time to stop.

Media is great and should be consumed. Listening to music, going to movies, subscribing to Hulu, visiting to Facebook. But, like anything in life, over-use should be avoided and watched for. Everything is best in moderation.

After all of this, I am more interested in media research. The way media works its way into every facet of our lives is fascinating and worth understanding.

Societal Change in Music

By Matthew Crane

Music serves the same use in our democracy as it has in all societies previous of ours. Music is a powerful tool for expression and conveying your message in an enjoyable way. In the 17th century, music was used by churches to honor God, in the 20th century music evolved into a way to communicate frustration and the need for societal change. This is where current music fits in.

In the 60s music was used as a way to communicate the need for peace and love. Bob Dylan is an artist that thrived in this environment, writing songs about letting go of the past and accepting the changing future. In the 90s, music evolved into angry, on the verge of violent, protests (Rage Against the Machine for example.)

Topics in music have ranged from peace, to the perils of capitalism (warning, this link is very long but this is a great song about corporate greed.) The obvious contradiction in many of the songs is the capitalism involved in making this art widespread and available.

Today, music is still being used as a way to change society. Regardless of limits that record labels put on free expression, musicians have found a way to continue writing music that pushes the mold. Kendrick Lamar is a great example of this. In his recent album DAMN. Lamar explores themes surrounding racism, culture, and the American dream. One of the best lyrics of the album comes in the song “XXX.”

Johnny don’t wanna go to school no mo’, no mo’

Johnny said books ain’t cool no mo’ (no mo’)

Johnny wanna be a rapper like his big cousin

Johnny caught a body yesterday out hustlin’

God bless America, you know we all love him

He addresses the American government and explains, in his experience, that the black youth is pressured away from going to school. Lamar sees that there is a problem in society and uses his music to address them.

Final Thoughts

By: Austin Cottrell

I enjoyed this course throughly as it gave me insights to a lot of topics that I have never thought about before. A few things that I will take away from this course are for one the medias effect on politics and socialization. I thought it was extremely interesting to learn that the majority of people get their political information from social media sites like FaceBook. I will definitely take into account that FaceBook skews what you see from what I learned in this class. It will help me keep an open mind on whatever I see in the future.

I don’t think my media production or consumption will change after this course as I don’t think I am part of the people who use it too much or for the wrong purposes. Moving forward though I definitely plan to look more into the sources of what I am reading controversial information on. It became apparent to me that a lot of websites are biased and have their own agendas. I will also be weary of what I see on Television after learning about media coverage in 2003 Iraq war. It was shocking to me how media was used as propaganda in that war and I don’t want to be one to fall for it because I believe that can create a hatred for a certain people. I believe we see that today with how much people fear and hate anyone who looks like they might be muslim.

Wrap up: William Crabtree

By: William Crabtree


I honestly believe that throughout this course I learned a lot of very valuable things, that I also was able to find very entertaining. I learned that I have to be very present when I frequent my social media pages to prevent myself from becoming to engulfed by my online life. I learned that what i see on the internet needs to be backed up by many other sites because native advertising has the power to influence you with extreme bias that is often times hidden, and camoflauged on typically neutral sites. I also learned about the pitfalls of filter bubbles, an how they may seem like a beneficial thing for our entertainment lives, they can be very dentremental to our education lives simply because our searches are limited to wha the are “interested in” rather than what we need to know as informed citizens. After taking this class i will continue to monitor my media usage and try to limit it to under an hour a day. I strive to look up from my phone more and enjoy and appreciate the world around me. I want to surround myself with nature and friends rather than escape on an artificial reality found on my phone. This course has really opened my mind to things I may be interested in for my future. I especially enjoyed our module about public relations, and am now thinking about possible careers I can do to stay in that field. Overall I found this course to be very enlightening, and hope to take many more like this through our communications program.

Reflection By Tori Ward

The main points that I got from this class are that media isn’t just something that bounces off of you, that you can choose to digest, it’s something that sticks with you whether you make the conscious effort or not. And there usually isn’t a filter between good and bad. So because of this class, I’m going to put more conscious effort into what I consume, because if I’m going to be influenced by something, I want it the majority of that something to be a choice of mine. A new question I have is why is there such hesitation or fear surrounding talking about how one person digests media or thinks is good or bad media. In the study group we did, so many people had nervous answers, and I want to look into why more.

Wrapping up by Makenzie Sullivan

By Makenzie Sullivan

Throughout this course I have learn so many valuable things about our media consumption and how it impacts us. A few of the valuable lessons I have learned throughout this course I will take with me and use in my next courses. One thing that I was made aware of in this is net neutrality. This topic is extremely important and relevant in our country today. I am so glad I was made aware of this because it has a huge impact on our future in America.

Another topic I found useful was the difference between advertising and PR. Before taking this course I would have confused these two topics and I think that it is important for people to understand the difference. PR works on your self image and advertising sells a product.

Another thing I found extremely interesting is people basing their values on social media and digital media. This is  weird concept that we as American’s base our culture off of what we see in modern media.

My media consumption will change after what I have learned in this class. I have learned that modern media tries to manipulate and trick you into thinking things. I will have a different outlook on things after this class.


Class Reflection By: Holden Fullmer

The main points and ideas I will take from this course pertain to mainly video and audio production.  As these are my interests and my major directly deals with them I found them the most interesting and exciting to learn about.  My consumption I do not think will change much as I use media every day but my production will.  I loved writing blogs about topic I found interesting so I may start doing that and producing video and audio content has always been a dream of mine so taking this class really fired me up to the possibility of doing that becoming more of a reality.   A new interest of mine would have to be Net Neutrality.  I always knew about it but never realized my passion for it until writing and learning about it with this class.  It’s something I talk about often outside of class now and when it comes up I have a lot to say.  Even though it is summer I really enjoyed this class more than I thought because its summer.  I would have loved to take this class in a normal 16 week format, but given the 5 weeks I thought it was set up very well and the topics for the most part I always looked forward to.  I think this course really pointed me in the right direction to know what major I signed up for was the right choice even though it took me 2 and a half years to decide.