The best class is one that has a great beginning, a memorable end, and not much in between

Zach Gappa

J-Dawg this class has been an experience. I really enjoyed coming to class everyday and found the discussions quite interesting. You brought in a lot of cool and funny tools to help make the material more relatable and understandable.  I did not come in to this class with any knowledge of net neutrality or fake news. Now I have been talking to anyone who will listen about the current net neutrality crisis and have been heavily involved the protest of it declassification from title 2. I have also been reading a lot on fake news and trying to identify fake news in my current media. My media consumption has been changing this while class, and will continue to change. Especially in my privacy and protection on the web. I have also been doing my best to break my filter bubbles. I have tried to eliminate the most filtering I can manually but can only do so much. One of my new interest from this class is Facebooks privacy rules and whether or not they are listening to you from your phone. I have begun to do some research on this outside the information provided in class and have decided that they are in fact listening.



That’s a Wrap…

By: Martina McAllister

I think that the best thing I will take away from this class is finding my voice and not being scared to voice my opinions. There were things that before this class I would not have said or even expressed interest in, while now I am not scared to say how I feel no matter who is around me or listening to me. I do not believe my media consumption will change at all because I am very interested in social media and not very interested in the news other than what I decide to let myself be consumed by. My media diet will continue to be consumed by social media and keeping up to date on what is going on on “the gram.” The main questions that I have after taking this class are concerning Net Neutrality. I would like to continue to follow this social issue and see how it turns out. There are plenty of things that I learned from the class that I can use in everyday life. There are also plenty of things that I never knew about different kinds of media everyday in my life that I didn’t know much about that I now do. One of the coolest and most valuable lessons that I am taking from this class are how many artists and movie companies are owned and ran by bigger companies. The amount of small companies that are owned by bigger companies makes me realize just how small our media world is and just how many big companies rule the media world.

It’s the end!

By Anh Nguyen

Throughout this semester, I learned lots of interesting ideas about media that I hope to bring it along with me in the future. No matter what we think about media, it has a huge impact to our perception. I believe it because it changes my way of looking and thinking about media different though time. I sometimes denied the fact that I got impact from media but now I realized that I was wrong. Theories and practices had brought benefits to the understanding and learning process of mine. Through out the semester, I realized what I used to know about media was not enough because media is huge!

The first two weeks were kinda rushing and hard to catch up, for me, because I’m a slow learner but later on, when I got opportunities to catch up with everybody else in the classroom; it’s start to get easier to learn and to practice with everybody and especially people in my group. I like how we got chances to update the news at the beginning of class because we got to talk about that as well. I’ve learned quite a lot of new ideas but I wish I paid more time to it to practice and understand it better even though my life is surrounded with media but it still gives me a hard time to understand those terms that we learned throughout the semester. I think my perspective about media has changed. I get to look at the media in a different way, how everything is related to each other through media and how they stays connected to our life. There’s shocking moments that we had in class when Jessica showed us how media was so scary, but it’s fun.


The First Paragraph Says it All

By Isabel Everett

It’s time for feels.

This class reminded me of why I hate corporations. While I can often rely on the news to prod at the roaring coals that fuel the raging fire of my disdain, I could avoid it if I needed reprieve. This class, this unavoidable cloister of criticism and debate, was a consistent reminder of my ever-spiraling gloom in the face of late-stage capitalism. I say all this with great respect; this class was absolutely stellar.

My media consumption will likely stay the same, if we’re being honest. My behaviors and thoughts will all likely stay the same, except maybe I’ll be a bit angrier when I see a cast full of cloned white men in another machine pressed Nicholas Sparks movie. I’ve always had an innate desire to destroy society and overthrow the rich that keep us trapped in a system that use our labor as profit, so not a lot has changed. Now I also want to overthrow large media corps and not just oil companies.

I will say; one thing I will take away from the pearls of wisdom you have given us, is the following:

+ You love NPR

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Penny For Your Thoughts

By Max Falore

During this class my opinion about the media I consume has changed quiet a bit as I realize the invisible triggers that shape my viewpoints online. Companies conduct large amounts of research which explains users online behaviors and some of there audiences general tendencies. This allows companies to deploy advertising techniques which statistically prove to be the most effective methods. One thought which opened my eyes to the consumerism we see is that the online user is the product, not the customer. The ability to go online has created such a wealth of information for anyone to be able to access. Every minute we spend online we are being exposed to various businesses who aim to grab our attention in order to get views or make a sale. As a business everyone is trying to put out the best possible image in order to pin point there target audience. A lot of information can be left out in the messages the company releases making it hard to grasp the truth behind the group. Gatekeeping is a process which has been studied since the early 1900’s but has most likely been around through out history. A gatekeeper is someone or a group who decided what messages are to reach an audience and what will not. It could be in the form of parents to children, teacher to student, or even government to the public. The big question here is who is able to decide what is newsworthy or not in any of those situations since everyones opinions sway due to millions of other external factors.

I have already seen my media consumption change through out the course of this semester. I pay close attention to the sources from which I gather my information in order to ensure I have an informed opinion. This year the fragile and innocent online community were put in a spotlight after seeing how easily the opinions of users could be swayed. Tactics to enrage social opinions were deployed through social platforms such as Facebook, walking users down a path directly where the infiltrators wanted. Going forward I hope to discover sources that can provide me with objective standpoints so I know how to defuse situations and not point out the problems we see on either side. It is important that objectivity grows within our online communities so that tensions can be put to rest rather than blown out of proportion online.

I wonder with the immense amount of online databases and websites, How can a population such as the United States remain on the same page? the search engine “google” seems to dominate the search portion of the internet but when it comes to news we see users jump across thousands of different sites in order to become informed. By having all these different opinions (not on the same page) when people come together to discuss we see an enormous divide. I am interested in finding that voice which sits above all like a referee that is able to find the correct rules for any news story. A voice that summarizes fairly and also finds the best solution for all, so that people reading to become informed understand the entire issue while also knowing how to react accordingly


By; Eric Scanlan


All throughout the semester in this class I learned about how media surrounds us and plays a more pivotal role in our daily lives then we might think. We rely on media for so much in today’s society for things such as; communication, news, entertainment, etc. it is becoming a necessity. One thing that I learned in this class was that what we see on the different social media sites that I visit is that all of the advertisements I see are there specifically for me because of my past history that these websites have gathered on me. For example, Facebook has a section within its settings that has a profile of what it is trying to cater to its users. I have also learned about interesting social topics like net neutrality that informed me on how the current head of the FCC wants to put a monopoly on the internet. Thinking back on how my media consumption is on a daily basis I can honestly say that it probably will not change. My media consumption revolves around the communication aspect of media. The reason for that is because being the President of my fraternity I need to stay up to date and communicate often with the rest of my officers as well as our national headquarters. I believe that my media diet will stay the same with me visiting the same sites both for communication and entertainment.


Some new topics I am interested in because of this class would probably revolve around public relations. I feel like public relations is a interesting field that often pushes agendas forward to the public as well as crisis management.

I’m still going to waste my time on social media…

By Taylor Brockhoff

Looking back on this semester, I feel the most benefited from our weekly blog posts. Although they were short and sweet, they pushed me to think in a more creative and realistic way, as opposed to strictly academic. We could go outside the box and craft titles that were unique. Each blogger let their own voice be heard and I enjoyed the sarcasm, satire, and humor that I found in some. The blogs allowed us to dig deeper on issues that directly affect us, and then voice our opinions and thoughts about them.

The main idea I am going to take away from this class is the importance of net neutrality. We need to save it! Without net neutrality, our basic internet freedom will be taken away. And from what I’ve learned about myself and my media consumption habits, that will greatly affect me. We should all take the short amount of time to join the battle for net neutrality.

My media diet isn’t likely to change after this class, but I can at least say I am more media conscious. I am now aware of filter bubbles, gatekeepers, and structural bias, which are all factors affecting what information is presented to me.

All in all, I learned things that were relevant to the world we are living in. Although the media will never be unbiased, I now have an understanding of how it came to be this way.