Class Reflection By: Holden Fullmer

The main points and ideas I will take from this course pertain to mainly video and audio production.  As these are my interests and my major directly deals with them I found them the most interesting and exciting to learn about.  My consumption I do not think will change much as I use media every day but my production will.  I loved writing blogs about topic I found interesting so I may start doing that and producing video and audio content has always been a dream of mine so taking this class really fired me up to the possibility of doing that becoming more of a reality.   A new interest of mine would have to be Net Neutrality.  I always knew about it but never realized my passion for it until writing and learning about it with this class.  It’s something I talk about often outside of class now and when it comes up I have a lot to say.  Even though it is summer I really enjoyed this class more than I thought because its summer.  I would have loved to take this class in a normal 16 week format, but given the 5 weeks I thought it was set up very well and the topics for the most part I always looked forward to.  I think this course really pointed me in the right direction to know what major I signed up for was the right choice even though it took me 2 and a half years to decide.


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