Final Thoughts

By: Austin Cottrell

I enjoyed this course throughly as it gave me insights to a lot of topics that I have never thought about before. A few things that I will take away from this course are for one the medias effect on politics and socialization. I thought it was extremely interesting to learn that the majority of people get their political information from social media sites like FaceBook. I will definitely take into account that FaceBook skews what you see from what I learned in this class. It will help me keep an open mind on whatever I see in the future.

I don’t think my media production or consumption will change after this course as I don’t think I am part of the people who use it too much or for the wrong purposes. Moving forward though I definitely plan to look more into the sources of what I am reading controversial information on. It became apparent to me that a lot of websites are biased and have their own agendas. I will also be weary of what I see on Television after learning about media coverage in 2003 Iraq war. It was shocking to me how media was used as propaganda in that war and I don’t want to be one to fall for it because I believe that can create a hatred for a certain people. I believe we see that today with how much people fear and hate anyone who looks like they might be muslim.


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