Wrap up: William Crabtree

By: William Crabtree


I honestly believe that throughout this course I learned a lot of very valuable things, that I also was able to find very entertaining. I learned that I have to be very present when I frequent my social media pages to prevent myself from becoming to engulfed by my online life. I learned that what i see on the internet needs to be backed up by many other sites because native advertising has the power to influence you with extreme bias that is often times hidden, and camoflauged on typically neutral sites. I also learned about the pitfalls of filter bubbles, an how they may seem like a beneficial thing for our entertainment lives, they can be very dentremental to our education lives simply because our searches are limited to wha the are “interested in” rather than what we need to know as informed citizens. After taking this class i will continue to monitor my media usage and try to limit it to under an hour a day. I strive to look up from my phone more and enjoy and appreciate the world around me. I want to surround myself with nature and friends rather than escape on an artificial reality found on my phone. This course has really opened my mind to things I may be interested in for my future. I especially enjoyed our module about public relations, and am now thinking about possible careers I can do to stay in that field. Overall I found this course to be very enlightening, and hope to take many more like this through our communications program.


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