Class Reflection By: Holden Fullmer

The main points and ideas I will take from this course pertain to mainly video and audio production.  As these are my interests and my major directly deals with them I found them the most interesting and exciting to learn about.  My consumption I do not think will change much as I use media every day but my production will.  I loved writing blogs about topic I found interesting so I may start doing that and producing video and audio content has always been a dream of mine so taking this class really fired me up to the possibility of doing that becoming more of a reality.   A new interest of mine would have to be Net Neutrality.  I always knew about it but never realized my passion for it until writing and learning about it with this class.  It’s something I talk about often outside of class now and when it comes up I have a lot to say.  Even though it is summer I really enjoyed this class more than I thought because its summer.  I would have loved to take this class in a normal 16 week format, but given the 5 weeks I thought it was set up very well and the topics for the most part I always looked forward to.  I think this course really pointed me in the right direction to know what major I signed up for was the right choice even though it took me 2 and a half years to decide.

Music Entertainment

The music industry is such a heavy hitter in our democracy.  It plays into almost everything and influences so many whether for better or for worse depending on the person.  Music can sometimes even influence the way we vote or how our day will go.  If we are angry we might listen to some death metal to get angrier, or if we are happy we might listen to some hip hop or alt rock to make our mood even brighter.  Music also plays a gigantic role in social change.  For example Compton rapper Kendrick Lamar has influenced so many different people to come together for many different causes.  His song swimming pools is known as a song to take shots too when if you read the lyrics its about the exact opposite and those who pay attention will really be moved by that.  That being said their are some artists who only want a profit.  Migos is a prime current example for that.  In most peoples opinion they are not a very good group and from a critical stand point they are garbage, but their numbers speak for themselves some people love music with little to no meaning other than as they would say a “dab of ranch”.  Literally a massively successful song about dabbing ranch.  If you look at the underground seen you can find artists with nothing to lose with almost cult followings.  These artists have no real boundaries or huge labels to hold them back so they can freely express themselves and that leads me to my biggest issue with music and thats record labels.  Artists like for example Avenged Sevenfold who at one point signed with Warner music were held back to a point where they lost almost all creative freedom.  This band is considered the new age Metallica and wanted none of that so they jumped ship to a much better label capitol records.  The point is big labels are trying only to get streamlined music that sells.  They don’t care about meaning and that’s a huge issue with so many groups trying to get to that point.  Always fight for the little guy in music.

Movies By: Holden Fullmer

I don’t feel like anything hits the definition of socialization so clearly than movies.  They create a space in a theatre whether its a drive in, your home, or just the cinema that many people come together to watch and have fun with one particular experience.  Even if people don’t see a movie together they can talk about it online or in person about the story and how immersive it was bringing people together like never before.  So much of what me and my friends talk about is movies.  It seems like every day we are discussing a new or old movie we recently watched and enjoyed recommending it to each other or arguing over whether it was enjoyable or not.  We also talk about how realistic the movie is and whether the film maker went too overboard with some topic that are a little far fetched.

It really depends on the type of movie you’re watching whether or not the film maker should be correctly depicting reality.  If I’m watching Guardians of the Galaxy I don’t expect to see legions of soldiers fighting in a war I expect a fun and farfetched story that’s so over the top its hilarious.  However if i’m watching a war movie I do expect to see realism.  This article touches on that topic a bit deeper but in my opinion it should be realistic.  I want to see the little guys not just the big hero in a film about WW2 I want that realism and I think its the directors job to get that right and perfectly depict what exactly happened for historical purposes onto of educational ones.  A few examples of this are movies like Saving Private Ryan I feel does a fantastic job of realism in war along with the movie Argo doing both fantastic jobs accurately representing stories in a successful way that made it feel real in events that should feel as such.

Legal Memo By: Holden Fullmer

Dear Verizon,

I have very carefully read your case and believe it would be for the best if you take a step back from this to review the first amendment.  Through my research of the first amendment and net neutrality as a whole, creating a space where certain cites that you promote and promote you running better and faster than the rest breaks constitutional law.  Keep in mind promoting other cites by using other methods such as advertising is a far better alternative than what you are going for.  I have a great article here I urge both you and your promoters to read in regards to this issue to better explain the issue at hand.

This breaks the first amendment because we must give free and equal use to all cites whether its Google or a small up and coming blog each deserve to be treated fairly and the same in regards to speed.  As stated it is one thing to promote the use of another cite, but completely different to slow down others to help promote your websites.  Please respect this issue as it is a sensitive case and the public may look differently if pursuit is continued to create less net neutrality.  Keep in mind the internet is a creative free area where people just like yourselves come to enjoy other peoples works and create their own.  If you have any questions you may directly contact either me or my firm at or come visit our office at Boise State University


Holden Fullmer


The Miss Representation of Media By: Holden Fullmer

A media product is something you purchase that stands as a form of media.  This can be anything from a magazine to your Netflix account or even your Spotify subscription those are all forms of media products.  There really is no difference between media products and the groceries you buy every Sunday at Walmart.  The reason for that is you are still buying an item or even in some cases a service from a specific company.  There is no real difference in my eyes they are both simply products with different definitions but have the same intentions when it really comes down to it.  This being said stores like Walmart don’t have news broadcasters of their own to promote specific news.

The economical side of media plays a giant part into the content we receive.  If a specific channel is getting more ratings when they for example in the film promote something about Brittany Spears rather than actual news they will absolutely continue to report on stories pertaining to celebrities.  The reason for this is companies don’t really care what they report as long as it gets views.  Another example is when comparing Sarah Palin to Hillary Clinton.  Two very powerful women in the political spectrum, but both have different approaches to how they represent their parties.  Hillary is very stern and very masculine much like a politician should be regardless of gender.  Sarah as shown in the film was almost used as a sex symbol in some cases creating something different to talk about as unfortunate as it is this gave a lot of networks more views rather than talking to the strait forward Hillary more people were invested in what was going on with Sarah Palin.  Its unfair and unequal, but that doesn’t matter as long as the viewership is there if we are talking about media economics.  It’s something that absolutely needs to be fixed and hopefully we can one day.

Boise State Football Player Caught Drinking Underage at Local Bar By: Holden Fullmer

Tuesday June 20th a Boise State University Football player was caught drinking underage at the local end zone bar.  Under the code of conduct under the Universities rules for underage drinking this player who wishes to remain unnamed will face a 3 game suspension from the upcoming 2017 season.  Boise State and its athletic programs do not condone nor support the use of underage alcohol consumption and are taking steps to better improve the program as a whole.  In order to keep confidentiality for the student we please ask anybody who knows about the incident and knows the student respect the request for privacy.  As stated before we are cracking down on the incident to prevent future cases such as this one from taking place in our locker room.  We want nothing more than to help our student athletes succeed both on and off the field and would never allow knowingly having one of our players drink while underage.   Boise State will continue to investigate into how the student was able to access the bar without an ID stating they were aged 21 or older.  While this student did not have a fake ID actions were not taken by the endzone to prevent our student from drinking.  While this is a reckless activity by the student athlete the bar at hand should have taken more immediate action to prevent this from happening all together.  We are in contact with management from the endzone to help them better themselves to always check an ID even if somebody looks over 21 years old does not always mean they are of age to drink alcohol.  As previously stated please respect the privacy of the endzone and the student athlete being charged while we continue our investigation into the matter. Here is an example of an escalated incident.

Become Legend By: Holden Fullmer

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This 3 week program is a 100 percent guarantee to improve you in more ways than even football, but life as well.  Through team building and getting you in the shape of your life we can promise you that with the Fullmer Football Camp.  You will become a legend.