Wrapping up by Makenzie Sullivan

By Makenzie Sullivan

Throughout this course I have learn so many valuable things about our media consumption and how it impacts us. A few of the valuable lessons I have learned throughout this course I will take with me and use in my next courses. One thing that I was made aware of in this is net neutrality. This topic is extremely important and relevant in our country today. I am so glad I was made aware of this because it has a huge impact on our future in America.

Another topic I found useful was the difference between advertising and PR. Before taking this course I would have confused these two topics and I think that it is important for people to understand the difference. PR works on your self image and advertising sells a product.

Another thing I found extremely interesting is people basing their values on social media and digital media. This is ¬†weird concept that we as American’s base our culture off of what we see in modern media.

My media consumption will change after what I have learned in this class. I have learned that modern media tries to manipulate and trick you into thinking things. I will have a different outlook on things after this class.


Social Change and Music by Makenzie Sullivan

by Makenzie Sullivan

Music plays such a large role in our democracy, it allows people to express themselves freely. For example in the last election a lot of artists wrote songs about the election telling people their opinions on what they thought. Music allows people to express their first amendment right through song, which is a huge part of our society. This often causes people to think to themselves, “should their be a limitation on what people can include in their songs?” This would be a direct violation of our first amendment right. Some songwriters include vulgarity such as raping women, doing drugs, killing people, and other things that shouldn’t ever be praised. But this is all a part of the democracy we have in America, because it allows people to freely speak their mind.

Music does have a hug impact on social change and as music develops it allows us to grow as a society. Before we had all this technology to make music it was usually made with just guitars and singers and drums, and usually the content of what they were singing is less vulgar than what it is today. Music teaches people about our society and the things we praise, such as sex and drugs.

I believe that the music industries have placed limits on our free expression. There is so many examples of artists that are forced to sing a certain type of song because the label thinks it will be “a hit.” This is not only taking away the artists ability to express themselves but it is also manipulating the audiences into believing whatever they are saying is true. A specific example of this is Lady GaGa, she was forced to uphold an image and sing songs only picked out by her record label. She was so unhappy with her lack of freedom she stopped singing and lost her passion for performing. Shortly after she left her record label she stated to create her own music and produce her own songs that she wrote, and this allows to her have more freedom.


Socialization and Movies by Makenzie Sullivan

By Makenzie Sullivan

Socialization is a process of developing a self-identity and learning norms, values, and behaviors appropriate to his or her social position. Socialization helps you gain a sense of what is right and wrong and helps you get a better understanding of who you are. Movies contribute to socialization in many different ways but they help us get a better understanding of values and morals. They do this by trying to appeal to our emotions and get us to sympathize with the characters and what they are going through. This can be a good thing, but also sometimes movies can influence us negatively as well. Through movies people can learn violence is glorified in American culture. In almost every successful movie made in America there is violence and sex scene. These seem to be the two biggest values that are expressed through movies.

Filmmakers do not have any responsibility in making movies represent reality. In fact, some movies sole purpose is to go against reality and make us believe we are living in a false reality. This differs from journalism in many ways because moviemakers can take a real situation that happened and give it any false rarity ending that they want. An example of this is the movie the Titanic. It takes a real tragedy that happened and creates a fake story line about it that draws you in emotionally and teaches you about love. Another example of a movie that has a lot to do with socialization is Mean Girls. This movies goes into many different values and beliefs and shows you the right and wrongs about high school girls.


Verizon Legal Memo by Makenzie Sullivan

By Makenzie Sullivan

Hello Verizon,

We have read your message regarding net neutrality and we have considered what you had to say. We are here to tell you that this is in fact not a violation of your first amendment right. Your first amendment is the freedom to speech and to press. This case is in fact an issue, but does not clearly give off the feeling of a violation of freedom of speech.¬†Net neutrality is when ISP’s must provide equal access to all websites instead of picking and choosing which ones will load faster than others. This is a hot topic we have received many emails about, but never from someone stating it is violating their first amendment right.

“Congress shall make no law.. abridging the freedom of speech or of the press.” This is not a matter of taking away to your freedom of press. In fact, net neutrality is aiming to make it a fair race for all of the ISP’s out there. We are sorry that you feel you are being violated in this way and we are willing to sit down and take this through with you.

We would like you to bring a list of the reasons you believe that you think your first amendment right is being violated. We have also made a list of a reasons why we believe that it is intact not a violation. We believe that this net neutrality is the reason that there is competition amongst ISP companies. If there wasn’t net neutrality then the big companies would buy all of the sites they wanted and users would be ripped off. We are sure that after we have this talk you will see from our perspective how net neutrality offers more freedom of press and speech than if it wasn’t here.


Media Products by Makenzie Sullivan

By Makenzie Sullivan

Media products are different from other products, plain and simple. They are different in many different ways, but the biggest of all is the way they are advertised. Media products are advertised through manipulative ways that the user may or may not understand.

The relationship between media content and media economics is that media content is information or experiences that are directed toward the consumer. Media economics is the policies and practices of the media companies. The economics has a huge impact on the content and how this is being portrayed to the audience. They have a set of rules and guidelines that they get through economics and though those they base what type of content they re going to use.

This concept was very interesting for me to learn through Miss Representation. It had so many good examples and taught me that no situation is ever the same. Media content is what they use to draw us in and feel like we need their product. This is something that companies have become really creative at throughout the years. It is almost as if they know us and know our personalities and they know what will draw us in.


Boise State Football by Makenzie Sullivan

By Makenzie Sullivan

To whom it may concern, we realize there has been a lot of talk regarding the incident that happened saturday night with Blake from BSU football and we would like to put out this formal message. On saturday night Blake was charged with underage drinking downtown. We realize this is a poor representation of our program and we apologize to anyone this disappoints or lets down. Blake has been suspended from the team indefinitely which means we are unsure if he will return or not. This was a deeply hard choice to make because he was such a big part of our team. We are sorry for all the confusion and Go Broncos.

Blake has written this apology he would like to share, “Hello Bronco nation. I am deeply saddened by my choices and to all the people I let down I want to apologize. All of my life I have loved the game of football and now I will no longer have the chance to follow my dreams. I only have myself to blame and take full responsibility for my actions. To all the young children who looked up to me and I let down, I am sorry. But let my story be a reminder that the game isn’t promised, it is a privilege. I will not allow this to happen again, and I will be a better man now because of this. Go broncos.”

We decided to allow Blake to give the public apology because we realize that everybody makes mistakes. He is taking responsibility for his actions and we wish him the best of luck in his future career as a football player. Lets not allow this one incident to distract us from our goal bronco nation, the MW championship. We encourage you to come out to our next home game and show your support. Honor orange, bleed blue!


Got the munchies?


By Makenzie Sullivan

Do you see the smiling face of Mr. Pringle? He is dying to be your friend and hear what you have to say. He is a great listener and also he has a super cool mustache. Not only does he have friendship to offer but he also has chips to offer as well. These delicious pringles have been nominated for many awards on their flavor and crispness.

I decided to include the emojis in my ad so I could appeal to a younger generation and ones that will know what those emojis mean. I was trying to appeal to the younger generation by making a humor comment about munchies and needing a snack. It is a risk to do this because I exclude a large portion of people that don’t fall into the age range. I didn’t target a specific race or genre because I felt there was no need for that. The product is a very simple one and doesn’t require much thought into how to advertise it seeing people already enjoy this product in the first place.

Given more time and better ways to create this ad I could have been a little more creative. It is hard to create this ad because I don’t have the write kind of technology to create an artsy ad. I feel as if the ads that really grab someones attention are the ads that people always remember the most.