Reflecting Back on Being a Temporary Blogger

by: Julia Sanchez

Originally when I enrolled in Comm 271, I took it as a prerequisite so I could be in my introductory courses for my Public Relations major. Now, after taking it, I’m glad I did and I’m glad its a prerequisite. When I first found out we would have to do these blogs every week as homework I thought it wouldn’t really do much and it would be like the daily journals my high school religion teacher would make us keep. Instead, it turned out that our prompts were real questions, thoughts, and scenarios that do affect our daily lives whether we knew it or not. I had no idea Net Neutrality was even a thing before this, and now I realize how important it is. These blogs ended up as being one of the most effective ways to learn topics and subjects that would otherwise be considered boring.

When I was growing up I kept journals because I saw it on TV, but then I kept doing it because I realized it was a way to put my thoughts together and figure things out on paper. These blogs helped me learn about the topics in class in way that was best for me, because I would have to write it all down to understand it, while also getting a grade in the class. If there was consideration about stopping these blogs as a weekly assignment, I’d disagree and say to keep them, they’re effective and it gives us as students a way to learn on our own time and ways.

At least now, I’ll understand why Daily Mail and Instagram ads that pop up are about the shoes I was looking at five minutes ahead of time without being freaked out. At first I thought the class would center more about social media and that kind of stuff, but starting from the beginning was interesting and it helped me understand how media is the way it is today. The ads and Facebooks talks were the most interesting for me personally, and even though the woman who reads the NPR daily podcast has a rather monotone voice, it was interesting to hear about what is going on in the world so my only news source isn’t Daily Mail.

In regards to working with Wikipedia and using Wikipedia as a way of learning, I don’t think it was that effective. I do recall at the beginning of the course being told it was a new thing being tested out, and I don’t think it really changed much. It was an interesting idea, being able to contribute to a functioning, established website, but for me it ended up just being something that didn’t necessarily further any learning in class. Overall, I think I learned more than I expected to and feel like I have a better understanding of the media and how it works, which is something I definitely need to know if I want to further my career in Sports Marketing and PR. The media is a tricky thing that’s always changing, but at least now I know what’s happening in it and how it all works.


Introduced to the Other Side of Media

By Dixie Thompson

In my family I am known as the girl who knows everything, and not in a good way. My dad nicknamed me Google since I was always answering his questions with a mouthy response, as if I did in fact know everything. I was in for an awakening when I took this class and got to know a side of media that was never exposed to me, almost like I was living in a … media bubble… Each day was taught in a way where I was exposed to ideas that never came across my mind. Learning about media filters and bubbles caught my eye and made me question how I use the media. I like to believe that now I come with an open mind to anything I see and to question it’s validity, especially on Facebook. Doing my best to escape the bubbles I live in, and to tell people that don’t have the same opportunity as I did taking this class to learn about what kind of media world we live in. I really did enjoy the class and I’m very thankful that I got into it, being 4th on the waitlist. It made me excited for future upper division media classes I get to take, and diving deeper into subjects we had the opportunity to learn about. I don’t think I’ll ever look at an advertisement the same and not think about all the steps it took to reach my screen, and my data that was then sold to those advertisers. Aside from that I am thankful to know behind the scenes of media, and happy to see where I can go from here in my education.

My Introduction to Media

by Tanner Simpson

Introduction to Media taught me a lot about the modern day  world of media as well as past eras of media. From paper to radio, radio to television, and television to the internet, we covered a lot of important history surrounding Media, but we also talked about more variables that turned media into what it is.

We talked about gatekeeping. How a select few control what a media source will release to the public, causing all the information we receive to be filtered and manipulated into whatever the gatekeepers want. We also learned several structural biases surrounding the modern media landscape. These biases include: Commercial bias, Temporal bias, Visual bias, Bad News bias, Narrative bias, Status Quo bias, Fairness bias, Expediency bias, and finally the Glory bias.  We also talked about astro-turfing and how people can create foundations to lay on top of their current foundation to make themselves look clean and fresh.

The Wikipedia project was a very interesting way to do an assignment, and was much more bearable than writing a paper. It was nice to choose a subject I was already interested and then to learn more about it. Even if my addition isn’t accepted by Wikipedia, I’m happy to have learned how to edit it, and more about my topic that I was editing.

Overall, it was a very fun and entertaining class. We watched interesting videos that helped support the lessons, and did assignments that pertained to what we were learning, and I felt very comfortable doing group work in class.

Keep on Keeping on

By: Jamie Asson

I have had a pretty cool experience in this class learning about how the media works and how it inspires movements of all kinds. I didn’t know that there were so many different things behind the television that we watch and the music that we listen to, and learning about how simple it all is really made me question what country I live in? I feel like I’m constantly being watched and monitored and now that I know that I am it’s a lot easier to ask questions and figure out why things work the way that they do. I still think that Facebook is listening on all of our smartphones (I don’t care what anyone says, I’ll believe it for forever).

One of the biggest things that stuck out to me was learning that our private information is not private on social media. There aren’t any laws deciding on what should and shouldn’t be allowed to be used when it comes to social media and the information we feed it. So many brands are able to access our personal lives and create advertisements catered to those personal insights. It’s extremely vexing and unsettling, and by knowing this I’m able to create my own opinions that will hopefully be able to help me in the long run? I don’t know, honestly I’m just going to keep on keeping on and do what I always do on social media, but just not share as much about myself to it.

Peace Out Girl Scout

By Corrie Brending

Looking back on this semester I think this class has been a great reminder that media content has an effect on us and the world, whether we consciously notice it our not. We talked a lot about different forms of media and how they are created and controlled. The most interesting concept and idea that I have taken away from this semester is that all information, whether that be a news article, a movie, or music, is valuable and should be protected. We should be equally able to access any and all information that is created, but that is not always the case. There are biases, laws, and other barriers that can sometimes limit our access to information through media. I think the more people understand how valuable that access is, the more people will want to protect it.

This semester I have also realized that most of my media use is not trying to be informed about what is going on in the world, unless the world was just cats, sports, celebrities, and my friends. I have really taken away the idea that because I have the ability to access so much information I should take advantage of it. Throughout the semester I have started reading the news online more and trying to be a more informed citizen.

I really enjoyed this class and feel that I learned a lot and have a lot to take away.

Thanks for a great semester!


It’s never goodbye, it’s just ’till next time

By: Tray Robinson

I’m going to be totally honest, when starting this class as a senior,  I thought that everything was just going to be a review for me, and not really needed. But now that everything is just about wrapped up, I have to admit, I actually learned a lot more than I expected, and ended up having a lot of fun.

Some of the main ideas that I took from this class was that: wikipedia is a lot more reliable then we were originally taught to believe, we have a voice and should do all that we can to speak up about Net Neutrality, and my google search results aren’t the same as the next guys. Although, I don’t think that my media consumption or production will change too much after taking this class. Yes, I’ll leave this class more educated about media than when I went in, but it won’t really alter the way I use media all that much. Mostly because unless it causes a great inconvenience to me, I’m usually pretty chill and adaptable to almost everything; regardless of how educated on a subject I am. If anything, I might pass on my knowledge to others, and let them do with the information as they wish.

Much like everything else, my media diet shouldn’t change a whole lot either. I can’t say that I have a whole lot of new questions, but the Net Neutrality issue definitely caught my attention; which is something that I’m willing to fight for. And to start, I’ll take a page out of Zach’s book a give everyone the link to join the fight and make the call.

But all in all, It’s been a blast. I’m sad that I’m graduating this spring and won’t get the opportunity to take another one of your classes. I hope everyone has a fantastic break, and a happy Christmas!

“It’s never goodbye, it’s just ’till next time” – Brent Smith

The End

By: Jenna Nathan

Throughout my time in comm 271 I have learned about quite a few topics that I will hopefully remember and be able to apply to different parts of my life. We covered everything media related from when newspapers were created all the way until the issue of net neutrality became our reality. Each topic gave a little background about the history and evolution of the different types of media that surround us. I think that the main thing I will take away from this class is that media is literally everywhere, especially today. It was made very clear during my attempt at the media blackout that it is almost impossible to get through a whole day without consuming any sort of media.

Unfortunately, I don’t think that anything I learned will change my media consumption habits in a dramatic way, but I do think it will be something on my mind from now on. Especially being conscious about what kinds of stuff I am consuming and where exactly it is coming from. I think that I will look at media with a more critical view, but also an open mind to what is really out there. If anything, I will be able to spot biases and misinformation from websites or sources that I might have believed before. Overall, I just think I will be more observant during my consumption of any type of media that I may encounter.