Let Freedom Ring

We all love our internet and that is a proven fact. As millennials we spend an ungodly 10 hours a day in front of screens. ( TV, Computer, Phone etc..) Major cable and ISPs (internet service providers) know this and are now trying to take advantage of it by getting rid of network neutrality. Network Neutrality is a big boring term that makes sure the internet stays “free”, and a protected domain. This concept was originally introduced to protect the publics right to radio. It protected your right to listen by not letting radio stations air to just certain audiences. Now big companies are trying to buy your rights to the internet and make you pay a premium to get fast internet otherwise they will slow it down. This is like Airport security, you will be stuck in the general boarding ( with the slow internet) or you can buy TSA precheck for an annual fee and skip the whole line to get to the end ( premium internet). This is just another way that companies are trying to monopolize and make money off our everyday habits and or addictions. It you want to tell the government how you feel about this feel free and click here.

We studied this during radio week because in the eyes of the government radio and the internet serve a similar purpose, they carry information to a mass number of people. Whether it is music, sports or news it is a mass media. They should both be public domain and they should both be protected by the government so everyone can have equal access to them.


Don’t be Neutral About Net Neutrality

By Corrie Brending

The term “net neutrality” sounds like something I would generally not care about, but it turns out it is something that myself, and every person who has ever used the internet should care about. Net neutrality basically means having equal access to all internet content. Why is this so important? Because the equal access could be taken away.

Internet service providers (ISPs) are looking to be able to charge content providers for quicker delivery of their content and slow the delivery of content from competing providers. This means that the internet provider you use could slow down the delivery of favorite show on Netflix to encourage you to watch something on Hulu instead. The horror. Or even more frightening they could slow down the delivery of your Google search because they want you to use Bing. It is wrong that ISPs will be able to decide what I can more easily access on the internet. Websites should be treated equally and easily accessible regardless of what internet provider someone uses.

Talking about net neutrality is important and I think that discussing it during our week about radio makes sense because the radio is treated as a utility or a common carrier, meaning it it sold to all consumer without discrimination. This is also how the internet is currently classified. However, if ISPs get their way and are able to get rid of net neutrality, that will not be that case.

If you think net neutrality is important head over to the FCC and leave them a comment!

Keep it Neutral

Before last week if I were asked what I thought net neutrality was, I would assume it means that everyone with access to the digital world possessed the same rights, privileges and opportunities as others, but now I know that my assumptions are becoming threatened. I always felt content with how the internet worked. It felt like it had a natural flow to it. Anyone would easily access any and all social media outlets, articles, and online shopping. If telecommunication companies were to provide better speeds to the cites and resources they are being paid to support, and slow others, it would take away from what the internet was originally set out to achieve. I believe that this is a blatant display of disrespect towards every internet user. We live in a world where the ability to access knowledge and resources is at an all time high. To take that away from the users, is to say that their access to the world is limited again. It is giving an unfair advantage to companies who can’t afford to pay off these large telecommunication companies. Smaller internet pages will suffer as users will grow tired and lazy when it comes to waiting for slow pages to load. I think that the article titled Net Neutrality in 2017 – What You Should Know written by Nikhil Reddy, “Long story short, if ISPs and the FCC get their way, you will no longer have the liberty to have on-command access to any website or online service. Your gateway to the internet will be limited by your budget, as well as what your ISPs have been paid to shove down your throat. That means if Bing offers Comcast a hefty penny, you’ll never make another Google search for as long as you live.” With putting restrictions on who we access and how we access it, is putting strict limits on our entire society. The internet, like how the radio changed the way the public received information. Limiting the information creates blocks between types of information can be skewed and how much information we intake. It could be skewed enough to only show certain news stories or political views through forcing the flow of internet users seeking information towards specific outlets. Net-neutrality is important and needs to stay neutral. 

Dear Internet, Don’t Ever Change. I like you the way you are.

By Taylor Brockhoff

The Internet defined by google: “a global computer network providing a variety of information and communication facilities, consisting of interconnected networks using standardized communication protocols”

The Internet defined by Taylor Brockhoff: “something I love because with it I can online shop, keep in touch with my friends, listen to music, do homework, google the answer to any question in the world, etc”

Basically, the internet is a part of my everyday life. However, even though I use the internet every single day, I was completely unaware of the fact that we could lose our privilege of net neutrality. After watching John Oliver’s videos and reading this article, I was able to grasp the concept and understand how important that it is that we don’t lose net neutrality. 

Telecommunication companies should not be able to charge more to access certain websites or slow down certain streaming sites. I mean, Boise State’s wifi is already slow enough! I don’t want to come home from class and have to deal with more slow internet (first world problems). Similar to the radio, the internet creates a free space to be able to hear multiple voices. Without net neutrality, our information being fed to us through the internet may be bias and less diverse. Net neutrality needs to stay, for the sake of the freedom of the internet.

Internet Freedom

By: Brittney DeWitt

Net Neutrality keeps larger companies from speeding up, slowing down, and/or blocking content you want to view.  Basically, Net Neutrality is the policemen of the internet. They keep everything equal and on a level playing field for everyone using the internet.  You could say their motto is “All things have to be equal and the same page.”  I think that Net Neutrality is important.  I think that the internet should be open and allowed to be accessed by anyone who wants to use the internet.  The face that people want to take that away is not right or fair.  What if you walked into an ice cream shop and you were charged for your ice cream based on the way you came in, the way you are dressed, if you are well groomed, and if you have good high gene. Depending on that would also depend on how much ice cream you dot.  How would that be fair?  You can’t do that it is not moral and does go against the values and beliefs we stand for as a country.  Allowing Net Neutrality to disappear would give the larger companies more control over everything and less control would be given to smaller business.  It would give lager companies the power to allow what they think is “news worthy”.  Therefore, we as people could be losing and or not getting important information, we need.  I think that we talked about radio and Net Neutrality in the same week because they do go hand in hand, however, the internet is taking over and more and more we are getting our news from the internet rather than the radio, whereas the radio used to be our only source of information.  This Article talks more in depth about the FCC and Net Neutrality.



Newt Netrality: would John Oliver think that’s a less boring name?

by Emilee Ayers

In class this week we learned about net neutrality. We watched John Oliver videos that described the past and current political situations surrounding net neutrality. I learned a lot from these videos and they really helped put the issue into context on why it matters to care about it. From class we learned that net neutrality is the even playing field that the internet exists on. The determining source of net neutrality stems from the FCC- the Federal communication commission. Th FCC currently has a chairman who was previously a lawyer for Verizon. This creates a conflict of interest because one of the companies that is actively trying to fight net neutrality is Verizon. You can learn more about him here. If net neutrality were to end, the internet would be able to be monopolized by large corporations for highly profitable ends at the cost of user accessibility and fairness among internet speeds. Ending net neutrality would mean that companies could discriminate what data appears on, loads faster, and even is on the internet. Just what the USA needs!- not.

Why is this related to radio? We discussed net neutrality in the week that we learned about broadcast radio because the medium of mass communication to the united states public has yet again changed over- this time from radio to the internet. Everyone should have equal rights and access to the internet. The data on the internet shouldn’t be discriminated against. People who cant afford faster internet shouldn’t suffer by having worsened, slower, or biased access to information.

Power to the People or the Government?

By: Dawson Danner

Whether we as humans like to admit or not, the internet has a huge impact, positiveor negative, on our lives day in and day out.  A very interesting concept of the internet is this phrase called “net neutrality”.  Going into last week’s classes, I had no knowledge on this topic.  After watching the videos by John Oliver and reading this article, I was able to gain more of a grasp on it.

Net neutrality is a principle in which all Internet service providers and governments regulating the Internet must treat all information or data on the Internet equal.  I believe that the Internet SHOULD be treated as a public utility where every website is treated the same.  For example, if I want to google answers to a certain question, both viewpoints should pop up rather than just the one that is most viewed or popular.  I think it is important to realize that we discussed this issue of “net neutrality” during the week of class in which we also studied the radio because the two of them kind of go hand in hand.  When listening to the radio, those people speaking have the right to deliver whatever messages they want in however form they want the listeners to receive the information.

Due to the issues with “net neutrality” in the world today, the government has the overall responsibility to make sure all information on certain topics is able to be accessed by the human population, whether it is supportive or biased.  After last week’s class, I am now very intrigued on the topic of “net neutrality” and hope to learn more useful information as the year goes on.